Melanie first fell in love with photography as a young child.  She never tired of looking through her grandmother's picture boxes or her mom's school yearbooks.  She received her first basic camera at the age of ten.  Sadly, her first role of film, filled with pictures of her beloved cat for a local pet contest, was lost at the drugstore.  Despite the setback, she didn't slow down and continued to take pictures throughout her adolescent years.  When her nephews were born, she fell in love with people photography and capturing all of life's most meaningful moments.

Her love of people photography continues today.  Nothing brings Melanie more joy than capturing a person's true personality or the connection between people.  She started Life As Lemonade Photography in 2008 as a way to continue her passion and share it with others.  She lives with her husband, two sons, and one diva cat in the West Georgia area.

Photograph Courtesy of Michelle Scott Photography.